Website interaction

You'd like to get to know your site's visitors.You want website interaction

Call to Action To request information. To subscribe, participate, register or amend their personal details. Including personalised automatic follow-up actions. 24/7

You get your site's visitors moving

Simply make a powerful Landing Page from a web page in iConneqt

Flexible, Easy & Generating Responses Simply link from your email campaign or website to your landing page within iConneqt. The focus is on Action. Website interaction.

Client responses are automatically stored in your database. You easily plan follow-up actions.

Website interaction
Website interaction

Easily create Web Forms for different purposes

  Flexible and easy website interaction for the respondent It is easy to create web forms in iConneqt. Copy/paste the automatically generated code to your web pages and you’re done. To subscribe to the Newsletter, to receive the brochure, to sign up for the meeting, etc. iConnect automatically corrects capital letter usage and other matters in order to optimise the customer data quality.    

Response-generated follow-up emails. A totally automated and personalised process

  You respond personally. Day and night. Seven days a week. You would like to welcome new subscribers to your Newsletter. Or respond immediately to customers about their question or participation. If you prefer working with a verified email address you can have them click the button in the confirmation e-mail (opt-in/double opt-in). Or you would like to send an email with attachment a few days later. It is all possible with iConnect.  
Website interaction
Website interaction

Customers and other contacts keep their own details up-to-date. Safe.

  Saving time/money & customer friendly. From the email campaigns, customers can directly amend their details or add to them at any time. Or subscribe to a Newsletter or an event, or unsubscribe from the mailing list. Web Site 24/7 With the verified email address they can personally amend or add to their details through your website, 24/7.  


Among other things: Auto-correct Capitalisation. Opt-in & Double Opt-in. Unsubscribe options (Opt-out). CAPTCHA security. Auto-response Emails. Auto-inCompany Emails. Amending Custom Fields. Etc.      
Website interaction

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