Terms of Use of the iConneqt Software

iConneqt is a service provided by Advanced CRMMail technology (CrmMailTech),
located at Amstellandlaan 84, 1382 CH, at Weesp, The Netherlands.
iConneqt is a service which uses a web-based software programme, with which companies and organisations can, among other things, manage their relationship data online, create special emails and send these emails directed at (large) groups of receivers.

  1. iConneqt may not be used for sending unsolicited emails.
  2. Users of the service are expected to abide by the law with regard to email traffic, to the E-mail Advertising Code and any other regulations and industry-wide agreements.
  3. Users of iConneqt are expected to have taken note of the conditions regarding the use of iConneqt.
  4. If, for whatever reason, a user has not received these general conditions, then the prospective user will inform CrmMailTech, the service provider, of this by email before the use of iConneqt is started.
  5. In that case CrmMailTech will immediately ensure that these conditions are made available to the user.


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