Simple CRM Online

Access your customer base anywhere.
Very convenient.


A Simple CRM Online system developed for efficient individual relationship management. A part of the iConneqt platform – for free.

Simple CRM Online
Simple CRM Online

It could hardly be easier

Within the iConneqt platform, you work with one central database. Every mutation, every moment of contact is logged.
This provides insight.

ClientFile has been developed for easy online management of your customers and other contacts. And for efficiently managing individual contacts. On a PC, a Tablet or a Smartphone.

ClientFile is simple CRM online system that provides efficiency and insight. All your contacts can be profiled limitlessly. Customer information can be amended easily and quickly.
ClientFile supports the processes in sales, account services and customer services

Easily widely deployed

Account management | Customer service | Sales | Internal Marketing (HR) | Relationship management (PR)

You record your calls and create a follow-up

You find your contact quickly. The available phone numbers are displayed. You simply make some notes about the call while you are on the phone. Often, there will be a follow-up: “Alright, Jack, I will call you next Tuesday around 10 a.m.”

There will be a reminder in your Mailbox on Tuesday. One mouse click takes you into your database. The action is visible to your colleagues.

Simple CRM Online
Simple CRM Online

Simply send an email using your own email system

The email address is collated automatically from the database to your Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail or any other email client. You simply record the context of the email. This moment of contact is also automatically logged and is visible to your colleagues.

If necessary, you create another reminder. For yourself and/or your colleagues.


Notes made by colleagues are visible on client profile level

For notes regarding the customer the date and time are automatically recorded, as well as the name of the person making the note. This provides colleagues with insight.

Simple CRM Online
Simple CRM Online

Reminders to your mobile will help you stay on top

Creating a Reminder couldn’t be easier. For yourself, or for a colleague. For example, to phone back a customer at a specific time, or to send an email in response to a price quote – anything you like. The email will contain all the information and one mouse click takes you into the customer file.

Insight into contact history. Also into the reading behaviour in email campaigns

All moments of contact are logged automatically. Including information about who was in contact when, about what. This provides insight into calls made, individual emails and the click behaviour in bulk email campaigns.

Helps you see what your customers are interested in.

Simple CRM Online
Simple CRM Online


Among other things:

  • Easy to customise with regard to specific wishes and requirements.
  • Photographs in the contacts file. Quite pleasant.
  • Quickly search for contacts using different search keys.
  • A single mouse click displays selections on your screen.
  • Send a group of personal emails using your own email system.
  • Print personal letters using a selection in Microsoft Word.




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