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Evolved out of a knowledge of and ample experience with marketing and a passion for technology


Millions of emails per month

The iConneqt users are varied. They range from small charities to market leaders in, e.g., the retail and the hospitality industry.

The emails that are developed and sent with iConneqt are delivered in the Nederlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and various countries in Asia. Among its users are retailers, hotels, publishers, charities, health care institutions, service providers, sports clubs and other organisations.

iConneqt is a service run by Advanced CrmMail Technology (CRMMailTech).
Founded by people with a combined background in marketing and technology. With extensive knowledge of and experience in marketing, sales and communication processes.

The underlying theme in our professional being is a passion for innovation and for simplifying complicated technology for the user. Thus, the many technological developments can also be used effectively in customer-based processes. To develop a customer view and to be able to anticipate that view in an active and focussed way. To be able to manage using knowledge-based, measurable results.

Knowledge & experience
We have extensive experience with banks, insurance companies, governments,  oil companies, food, electronics and automobile manufacturers, retailers, publishers, and other sectors. We have laid the foundation for the development of one of the leading CRM/Direct marketing software systems for charitable organisations and associations.

Advice and support
We can provide support where desired. For example, together with our design and implementation partners, we can provide custom templates, fixed database selections, data import, and other requirements.

The helpdesk service is provided in-house by experienced staff.  We contribute by thinking proactively and give advice where necessary.
We provide support and can enable certain matters such as the provision of services.

Technology partners
CrmMailTech collaborates with technology partners on three continents. Thus, part of the software consists of different components, each with a proven track record.

  • The websites and the application software run in various data centres in Europe.
  • The databases with customer details are located in highly secured data centres in Europe. They are not located in the USA out of privacy considerations.
  • Emails are sent from high-tech, specialised email centres in Belgium and the UK.
  • The daily back-ups are stored in different locations in Europe.

All of this is in the interest of providing continuity and optimum performance.

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Our technical infrastructure

Our technical infrastructure

Our technical infrastructure

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