iConneqt Anti-SPAM Policy

Using iConneqt for Spamming is prohibited


Spam is unsolicited email, usually sent as bulk.
Unsolicited means that the receiver has not given demonstrable and explicit permission for receiving these emails. Bulk means that the email is part of a larger number of emails, which are each identical to a substantial degree. An email therefore has to be sent unsolicited and as bulk to be qualified as spam.

Ask for permission and record this
If the owner of an email address has given you permission to send email and/or wishes to be included in your database, you can send an email to this person. This is called “opt-in”.
This is a standard function in iConnect. You will find it in the wizard for creating web forms.

All other ways of sending emails to groups are NOT permitted with iConneqt.
In addition, the legislator states that receivers should always be able to unsubscribe directly from email.
For this purpose, a standard link is available in iConneqt as well.
When clicking the link, that person is inactivated. He/she has then been removed from the mailing list.

Spam complaints
The moment we receive a SPAM complaint, we can trace the user that has sent the potential SPAM. This user will then receive a warning by email. If a new SPAM complaint follows, we will immediately close the account without further discussion. In that case there will be no restitution of subscription fees. Any possible damages will be recovered from the user.

Acting this way is our only option, as otherwise all other iConneqt users will be impacted. We run the risk of being put on a “blacklist”, which will cause certain providers to stop forwarding the emails which are sent with iConneqt. Obviously this is a situation that we want/have to prevent from happening.






Contacts can safely view and amend their own details 24/7


iConneqt has a standard function for putting a form on a website which gives contacts the option to safely view their details and add to them, amend them, or to unsubscribe from receiving, for example, the Newsletter.

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