Marketing Automation

Develop the most beautiful and effective email campaigns.
Fast and with total creative freedom


Newsletters | Special offers | Transactional emails
Coupons | Customer cards | Invitations | Confirmations


Start working without any knowledge of HTML or other technologies.
Using templates adapted to your corporate design.
Simply by changing texts, links and images.


Marketing Automation

You offer your readers the option to share content on Content Block level (article/offer) through Social Media. Sharing the complete email is also easy. You have insight into the places where your content is shared.

The designer can easily change every detail: Dynamic Content, Personalisation, Colours, Margins, Font types, Shading, Links, Social Media, Menus, Design elements, Image, Lay-out and more. Much more!

You indicate the Subject as well as the Pre-header, you test, check, and optimise.
And assigning editing rights to your colleagues is easy.

Engage. Personalise

Mailing intelligently, specifically, using the customer knowledge in your database


You would like as much personalisation as possible. Sending mails using your existing or potential customer’s profile. From his/her personal profile, the interests’ profile, built up from your email campaigns and from their buying behaviour in the store and web shop.


Intelligent mailing from your Database
In addition to the possibilities for addressing customers personally, there is the standard option for gearing content to specific customer/prospect groups. Text and image and personal features. Content can be specified for:

Personal profile features.
Buying behaviour on location or through the web.
Demonstrated interest to email campaigns.


All Business is Local
The innovative GEO Targeting module is optional.
Developed for chains and franchise organisations.

The unique functionalities are based on the principle that the local offerings and local identity are of considerable commercial importance.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Sending mails automatically from the customer profile

With iConneqt, you know where the interests of your customers and prospects lie. Every action in the email is recorded and you can choose to let iConneqt anticipate automatically.


iConneqt can automatically send a specific email in response to clicks on particular links. This process is very easy to set up.


Automatic follow-up in response to a particular click in the email.

For example, someone who has shown an interest in the Newsletter in product X will receive a digital brochure about product X a few hours later.



You can let iConneqt send automatic emails after or on a specific date. For example, 3 months after a purchase, a personal email asking if everything is still alright. After a warranty period has expired. If someone has not made a purchase for 3 months, or on a birthday, an anniversary, whatever you can think of.

Optimise your result: TEST

To measure is to know
You would like to KNOW in advance which campaign scores best.
Mail opened, conversion to links, conversion to sales, etc.


The subject line and the sentence following it (pre-header) determine if an email will be opened or not.
It is wise to always test this. A simple matter of defining a test group, and after the test, the winning subject line/pre-header is sent to the entire file. Completely automatic.


It is easy to test the product offer/and or your editorial content.
A simple matter of defining a test group, and after the test, the winning combination is sent to the entire file. Completely automatic.


It is easy to test the location of your product offer and/or your editorial content.
A simple matter of defining a test group, and after the test, the winning combination is sent to the entire file. Completely automatic.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

We'll get into the inbox. Guaranteed

Online Reputation.
On the Internet, SPAM-email is still an important polluter. 90% of what is sent is SPAM.
This means there are powerful digital guards at the gates of your customers and prospects. They make sure that 90% of SPAM can be stopped. But they are critical too of who and what they allow through or not. We know the rules, we work with them on a daily basis.

Marketing Automation



Email Reputations.
Return Path is an American certification system.
It is a powerful solution for the protection of email reputations and for ensuring that mails are actually delivered to hundreds of international providers. Return Path has built a solid global reputation legitimizing email and making sure that serious emails are delivered and SPAM is kept out.

Together with our European technology partner, Teneo, we provide certification for the users of iConneqt.



Assurance regarding the delivery of your emails

iConneqt works together with a network of the best specialists. For example, emails are sent in collaboration with technology partner Teneo, thé European specialist when it comes to sending and delivering emails to the recipient’s inbox. There are many issues involved. To name the main ones:

Continuous reputation monitoring
The Technical delivery infrastructure (MTA) has several groups of IP-addresses.
Each of these addresses has a confirmed reputation.
A reputation can be compared to an attributed “score” based on past behaviour.
This reputation is very important in order to guarantee optimal delivery. Reputations are constantly monitored, 24/7.

Still more important is the fact that the MTA-infrastructure has been designed in such a way that an IP-address can be adjusted automatically if its reputation drops below our standards (downgrading). This ensures that email campaigns are always delivered using the reputation groups with the highest score.

Inbox checks with more than 60 major providers
There are systems running 24/7 that automatically monitor the delivery with more than 60 of the main providers.
In case of delivery problems, an ‘alarm bell’ will go off and action is taken to make sure that the best possible delivery is provided all the time. (Delivery rate)

Various industry-standard e-verification methods
The delivery systems are equipped with multiple email-authentication standards and technologies, such as SenderID / DKIM / SPF. These technologies guarantee the delivery of emails to your recipient’s inbox. 

Built-in spam control
There is a standard option in iConneqt for easily checking emails for SPAM words before they are sent out. It provides a ‘rating’ for that email and an advice for making certain substitutions.

ISP Delivery guidelines
Providers are critical with regard to bulk emails. Rightly so. After all, most of them are/were SPAM. So they have issued various strict rules regarding the way they want to receive bulk emails and check them for authenticity. These guidelines describe how emails should be provided to their technical infrastructure in order to get the best possible delivery-rate to inboxes.
Our partner’s infrastructure complies 100% with these requirements. That is why we can guarantee the best possible delivery-rate.

ISP feedback information
Some of the larger ISPs have FBLs (Feedback Loops) that exchange information about complaints and problems.
Because of this, we can ensure that mailing lists are accurate and clean. With every email campaign we constantly receive feedback through these FBLs. This, too, ensures delivery optimisation.

Constant blacklist monitoring
The entire despatch infrastructure (? verzendinfrastructuur) is monitored 24/7 to guarantee that good reputation.
This is also done by monitoring the so-called black lists. These are basically lists of all known spammers.
If an iConnect user uses the system for SPAM (which is a breach of contract) and is therefore blacklisted, we are immediately notified and action is undertaken.
The Spammer no longer has access to iConneqt and the IP address is blacklisted.

Multiple IP groups
Several IP groups are used for sending emails. Each of these groups has built a reputation. It is possible to assign specific IP groups to specific customers. This is a powerful feature that allows us to separate the reputations of different users.


Detailed analyses and Reports

You are in control. You optimise the results.


Analyses & Reports

  • Who opened the email, and when?
  • Who read what, and when.
  • What is of interest; who clicked which link, and when.
  • Which email addresses bounced (automatic processing).
  • Who unsubscribed, who forwarded the email to whom.
  • Which devices are used to view the emails.
  • Comparison between the various campaigns.
  • Integrated Google Analytics.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Insight into device usage. From PC to Mobile and online game.

Marketing Automation

Knowing how your emails are viewed is relevant. Heatmaps provide a good indication of the best scoring locations within your email. This automated report is standard in iConneqt.



Since all email clients have different rules for showing received emails, it is relevant to gain insight into this.
This automated report is standard in iConneqt.



For example:

  • Sending Mailings at any given moment
  • Tell-a-friend/Viral marketing options
  • Online Surveys
  • Auto-correction on Capital Letter usage
  • Auto-management of Bounces
  • Auto-management of Unsubscribes
  • Opt-in & Double opt-in options
  • Multiple Databases
  • Easy import of Data (CSV/Excel)



Marketing Automation

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