Good Customer and Prospect Data.
The basis.


Customer engagement

You want to motivate and inform. You want to send specific, relevant emails. Prerequisite is a smart Database full of information on your customers and prospects.

iConneqt offers these possibilities. Standard.


A customised database

You are able to profile your various contacts and make simple selections based on those custom fields.

Growth path?
You want to start simply. Or you already have a lot of customer data and want to record these in a structured way in iConneqt.
No problem. It is easy to expand and adapt the database. Any time!


Link to your Webshop

You want to be able to anticipate buying behaviour in the Webshop.
On moments in time, on frequence of purchase and on purchasing profile.

An automatic connection will be developed (API) or you will simply import data into the iConneqt database.



Link to the Store cash register

In retail, the store is still the big cash generator by far.  But on the shop floor we usually have no idea of who our customers are.
Unless you work with iConneqt – then there suddenly are interesting options.



You are able to personalise your communication. Even in a campaign with thousands of emails.

  • All customer data are easy to integrate in your email campaigns.
  • Content can be tailored to client profiles (B2B-B2C).
  • Content can be tailored to location profiles (Geo Targeting).
  • The sender can be modified from the location (Multi Location Marketing).
  • And more.


Smart and simple segmentation

You can make simple and unlimited selections in the database. On fixed custom fields, on variable custom fields, and on items such as interest shown from the email campaigns. Selections are saved and automatically supplemented with new customers or prospects who meet the defined criteria.







  • Integrated with iConneqt-ClientFile for easy online customer management.
  • Simple importation of external data (CSV/Excel).
  • Easy data export.
  • Automatic multiple 24/7  backups.
  • Links to external CRM, Administration, and other open systems.
  • Option for multiple databases.
  • Comprehensive database statistics.

Want to see more?

Give us 15 minutes and you’ll have a complete picture of what iConneqt can do for you

Four integrated functions within one platform. Simply online

Database Marketing

Email marketing


Simple Online CRM