iConneqt Marketing Automation

iConneqt is a user-friendly online platform which integrates database marketing (CRM) with Web Interaction, Social Media and powerful email marketing.

A system that is affordable and offers many distinctive direct marketing features and functions.

A valuable marketing database filled with customer profiles and prospects

Complete customer view

From anonymous buyers towards a complete customer view. Whether it concerns a few hundred customers or thousands or millions of companies, individuals or institutions.

Marketing Automation

Within 10 minutes you will reach the inbox of 30.000 customers.


Relevant communication

Send emails out of interest and classify buying behaviour on click behaviour in your email campaigns and on buying behaviour and benchmark moments in time. Chart your website’s visitors.


You simply develop the most attractive Newsletters.

You efficiently produce the best-scoring product offer emails.

You easily arrange the online communication for meetings & events.

You conveniently organise online surveys using email broadcasting and the web.

Marketing Automation

Drag & Drop the best campaigns

You build a template or have one built. Using drag and drop, it is easy to move lay-out blocks and pre-designed blocks to the desired spot in your template.

Your communication is personal

Customer profile data are easily integrated in your email campaigns. You address him/her personally. Content is automatically tailored to the customer profile. For better results!


The Brand Protector

With regular email campaigns there is no need for a designer. It is a simple matter of replacing images and text. iConneqt protects the quality based on the corporate design.


 You can share specific messages or offers through social media. But the entire Newsletter too, of course.


Automated anticipation of shown interest and of benchmark moments in time

Marketing Automation
Start the Welcoming process with the Newsletter

You personally thank customers for subscribing to your Newsletter. It is easy to select the email address verification (opt-in-double opt-in) and the enrichment of your database.

Automated response to demonstrated interest

Automatically send follow-up emails in response to clicking behaviour. For example, after a click on a certain car, a digital brochure is automatically sent out ‘tomorrow’.

Automated emails at certain moments in time

Automatically send personal follow-up emails on or after a specific date. For example, three months after a purchase, on a birthday or after a warranty period has expired, etc.

Automated emails in response to a transaction

You wish to personally thank customers for the purchase of your product or service.



Creating smart web forms and web landing pages is simple with iConneqt


You put different Web forms on your site. It takes iConneqt just a few minutes to automatically send the digital information in the form of personalised emails and the digital documentation (PDFs).


You want to continually expand your customer database, so you put striking web forms in different places on your site, for subscription to your Newsletter. Then the automated process with personalised follow-up emails starts.


Privacy and protection of customer data are no longer minor issues. Customers have access to their personal information with their verified email address. They can change and add to these data themselves. Subscribe and unsubscribe.


You easily put participation forms for meetings, workshops, conferences, etc., on your site or you simply create a web page within iConneqt. Personalised email confirmations, email updates, etc. follow automatically.


A web form and the follow-up emails are easy to create with a wizard. You specify the way the communication behind the forms should work.

iConneqt automatically corrects certain writing errors. Your database stays clean.



Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation
  • Number of delivered emails 91%
  • Opened emails 50%
  • Link clicks 20%
  • Forwarded emails 11%
  • Best scoring offer 45%
  • And more > much more 99%

Who read what, when? What is of interest? Which location in your email works best (Heatmaps)?
How do the results relate to each other?


Integrated with ClientFile. Super Simple CRM for one-to-one customer contact

Managing your customers was never easier. Mutations are directly processed in the iConneqt database.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation



Smart Customer Service support with ClientFile

The customer service department can quickly view the customer files. The contact history and the interest raised by email campaigns.

Complaints management | Questions and support | Amending data | Creating follow-up actions for colleagues





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Trade association

Marketing AutomationWe are a member of the trade association for dialogue marketing.



Privacy Guarantee

Marketing Automation

iConneqt bears the quality label Privacy Seal. 



Analytics & Reports

Marketing Automation

We have been accredited and are a S.A.M.E Project Supporter

Data Save in Europe

 Marketing Automation

For the sake of privacy there is no storage in the US.



Four integrated functions within one platform. Simply online

Database Marketing

Email marketing


Simple Online CRM